Free Photo and Texture Reference

This page of my website will be reserved for all of the photo and texture reference I will take over the years. I am posting them here for anyone to use. The images in the image gallery are NOT full quality (they are still quite high resolution), so if you would like the images at full resolution, click on the link directly below to download ALL of the images within a single .RAR file.

Download ALL images at FULL RESOLUTION, 3264×2448 (3.5 gigabytes)

One thought on “Free Photo and Texture Reference

  1. Wow. I was looking at rekoil forums, and am very interested in contributing to the mod/level creation scene. I saw your thread and I absolutely love the pictures that you took. It’s also a quick teaser lesson in how to take good texture pictures. I hope that this will be the goldeneye killer that I am anticipating. If you have any ties to the head guys, I want to say thanks for all that you are doing, and forward this : to solve the bot /server/ support complaints, I suggest a split screen mode for xbox one and ps4. Best reference, farcry instincts predator by ubisoft. People began using the map editor and beta testing them with family before taking it online. Also, modular assets on a grid (some walls, trees, props, on a snappable grid /or minecraft block building – sell dlc). I really appreciate what you guys are doing, and I am purchasing on the xbox 360 and the pc tomorrow (Tuesday 28th).and you have a hell of an eye for photos!

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