Interview – The Final Cut

A couple days ago Brian Riggsbee, a game developer and Left 4 Dead 2 mapper, interviewed me about The Final Cut and my game development history. He did a fantastic job with the blog post of the interview on his website (images included!) I am having an issue posting the link to the interview here, […]

Drawing Again!

At the beginning of 2013 I started taking a basic drawing class at Portland State University as a way to rediscover my long forgotten drawing ability. It has been very enjoyable these last two months as it has been helping me a lot when trying to put down and communicate an idea in my sketchbook. […]

Forge @ Backspace

This Saturday (August 25th) Forge will be set up on ten computers at Backspace to give local Portlanders a hands-on preview of the game and the opportunity to support its success! A 15$ Kickstarter contribution should get you an exclusive Forge T-shirt! (don’t quote me on this). Come down, check out the game, have a […]

My Current Project – FORGE

The project I am currently working on, Forge, was officially announced today! It is “described as its bid to unify the strategy of traditional MMO player-versus-player combat with the pacing of competitive shooters like Counter-Strike and Team Fortress 2 into one grind-free, $15 game” (, and I really look forward to seeing it come to […]

New Job!

Well… I just got myself a very awesome World Building job back in the game development industry, on a potentially very awesome title. It looks like I’ll be putting my UDK project on hold, but that’s a good thing! I’m going to start trying to use the 1080p camera on my phone to start creating […]