Level Designer on Forge (Dark Vale Games)
@ SuperGenius (Oregon City, Oregon)
April 2012 – April 2013 (1 year 1 month).

My primary role on Forge was to create multiplayer maps. Map creation included level design, asset placement, lighting, VFX placement, post-processing, blocking volumes, optimization, playtesting and bug fixing. In addition to building multiplayer maps I collaborated with the team at SuperGenius to build the tutorials for the game.

I also helped quite a lot with Unreal asset integration and quality assurance, making sure the static meshes being made were functioning appropriately. I fixed issues with assets when needed and collaborated with the Level Design lead to design and block out the models for the maps.

I became heavily involved with Forge’s growing community during the Alpha and Beta stages of developement, and also post-release. The game’s release on Steam allowed me to receive, digest, and react to feedback coming directly from the players.

: Extra YouTube Videos :

Multiplayer Level – Capital Market

Multiplayer Level – Practice Arena

Basic Tutorial

: Level Screenshots :