Portfolio Extra – Dragon Age II

Lead Artist on Dragon Age II (BioWare)
Liquid Development
June 2010 – July 2010 (2 months)

While working at Liquid Development I had the pleasure to create some armor and props for the game Dragon Age II. For me the project was short and purely asset based. The armor I created was made with pretty typical next-gen processes. The armor was first made as high-poly objects, then decimated down to usable low-poly game objects. The normals and ambient occlusion information of the high-poly model were then rendered to textures using the low-poly mesh as reference. The ambient occlusion texture was then used in combination with the texture pass to create the final diffuse, specular, and normal map textures which were then applied to the game model and integrated in to the game engine. Seen below is a screenshot of one of my helmets in the game and also a 3ds Max screen grab showing a different view of the helmet.