Portfolio Extra – Tron: Evolution

Lead Artist on Tron: Evolution (Propaganda Games)
@ Liquid Development (Portland, Oregon)
January 2010 – April 2010 (4 months).

For this short project I mostly worked on the racing highways of Tron and Spiritualist City: creating and propagating geometry across eighty or so modular greybox models. There was an extra focus on cleanliness and consistency due to Tron’s aesthetics. Its art direction called for highly glossy and reflective materials accompanied by geometry with a clean edge flow and beveled corners, as a means to achieve the high-poly look without the need of a normal map texture.

I also integrated a handful of static meshes into the game including buildings, platforms, and deco objects. During some downtime I was able to model a handful of other random objects from their provided greybox models.

: Level Screenshots :