Portfolio Extra – Damnation

Unreal Integration on Damnation (Blue Omega Entertainment)
Liquid Development
October 2007 – December 2008 (15 months)

I worked on Damnation for a good fifteen months or so. During that time I contributed to the project in a variety of different ways. I did work such as Unreal asset integration, collision creation, the modeling and texturing of my own props, material creation in Unreal III, bug fixing, and friendly NPC scripting. The two main aspects of Damnation I contributed to most were asset integration and friendly NPC scripting. During my asset integration duties I worked directly with the Art Production Manager at Liquid Development to create and integrate hundreds of the props seen within the game. This included objects such as buildings, foliage, vehicles, and cinematic props. After my asset integration duties had finished there was the need for additional scripters to be added to the project. Myself and a couple other Liquid employees decided to take on the task of scripting the friendly NPCs through the game. Over a six month period I ended up scripting and debugging the friendly NPC pathing and combat through two of Damnation’s five Acts (levels).