Released my L4D2 map!

yay! I officially released the first version of my L4D2 custom map. I do have an older blog post about my map, but I figured I should make a nice fancy new one that sits at the top of my blog for easy-finding and feedback from the community.

11 thoughts on “Released my L4D2 map!

  1. and another video… this one was recorded with three friends of mine with the 1.4 (beta) update on 🙂 11,500 downloads thus far and growing, woohoo!

  2. woohoo! My map is now the highest rated Left 4 Dead 2 map on (disregarding the campaigns). Now the tricky part will be to keep that rating up as my map gains popularity and gets more player reviews. Let me see what I can do…

  3. 40,000 downloads! Only 10k to go to hit the 50k mark! I’m losing steam working on the map. Hopefully I can make another push on the map soon to polish it up a tad more so I can call it finished, so I can move on to my next personal project.

  4. The Final Cut version 1.8 (complete) is now available for download! just hit 60,000 downloads and I think it’s time to call the project officially finished.

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