A Blast from the Past

While perusing through my old files from high school, I found a lot of old work that I thought was pretty hilarious; work that I want to remember. The work ranges from Delta Force 2 demo maps to games I tried to make in Flash, websites, flash banners and intros, etc. At the least, I want to post this stuff for nostalgic personal reasons. Take a look inside this post if you are curious 🙂

3 thoughts on “A Blast from the Past

  1. OK… to start off, this is the flash game I got the furthest on in high school. I was trying to a First Person Shooter game using Flash, 3ds Max, and Swift 3D. If you end up dying, you are going to need to hit the “main menu” button and go through the intro (or hit the skip intro button) again to restart your game. The replay button will break the game, so I would recommend not hitting it. You can skip ahead to the car chase scene by clicking on the gradient button in the upper right hand corner of the screen on the Vertigo Studios intro screen. The game ends at the road block when you are holding the bazooka. You can not progress any further unfortunately 🙁


    1. Next up on A Blast from the Past is a bunch of Delta Force 2 maps I made for the demo version of the game. I made some for the full version of the game also, but I found it much more fun to make them for the demo. There was a very limited variety of props and buildings that were avaible for use and because of that I was forced to use my imagination to find a ways to make fun and unique maps that stuck out from all the others.

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