Capital Siege, my first professionally-made map

My first professionally-made map is turning out to be pretty cool. It’s a big city map called Capital Siege. It will actually be turning in to three maps in the end. The sewers system below the city will become a smaller arena map and so will the area in and around the center market. The extra work we are putting in to the market and sewers will be combined back in to the original, large, Capital Siege map for larger battles. I really look forward to playing the map with a full server.

Here’s a couple of the first Beta screenshots of the map:

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    1. surprise, surprise! I turned a portion of my Capital Siege map (the market place) into a smaller arena map and it just happened to be released today in the Beta-C patch update for Forge. Go check it out!

  1. And here’s a couple gameplay videos of Capital Market. Keep in mind, Capital Market is only a portion of the map which I have been working on. More to come!

    The TotalBiscuit vs Athene battle (for charity) highlight video is first. Capital Market is the second map played in the video.

    Here’s some Assassin gameplay and commentary on Capital Market:

    … and here’s a wall jumping and roof route + gameplay vid that I recorded:

  2. Here’s a couple more clips I recorded myself. The first clip shows the sewers area of Capital Siege. We actually broke off the sewers from Capital Siege and made it in to its own map due to the size of the level. The sewers was more of a collaborative world building creation between myself and two other world builders, but in the end is my responsibility.

    Here’s another clip, this one showing myself harass some players in Capital Market, wall jumping high up in my favorite alley 🙂

  3. Forge has been on Steam for purchase since December 4th! It was Greenlit by the community and has been selling fairly well. It is still in its infancy, and has a lot of growing up to do, but I am confident it will do quite well. The full Capital Siege map hasn’t been released yet, but I figured I’d at the least update this thread with a couple updated screenshots of Capital Market.

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