My Current Project – FORGE

The project I am currently working on, Forge, was officially announced today! It is “described as its bid to unify the strategy of traditional MMO player-versus-player combat with the pacing of competitive shooters like Counter-Strike and Team Fortress 2 into one grind-free, $15 game” (, and I really look forward to seeing it come to fruition. It has a ton of potential! Check out some of the media for Forge below, or hop on over to to view the media and other additional information about the project. There is also a forum up and running for the Forge community to post questions about the game. I recommend you go check it out!

2 thoughts on “My Current Project – FORGE

    1. Thanks Ryan. Forge is by far the coolest project I have worked on thus far. There is a great mix of industry veterans working with us younger, talented and ambitious folk. For example, the person sitting next to me who I have been working with, has been making video games for the last 28 years. That’s before I was born! It blows my mind some times 🙂 He’s worked on a shit ton of games and a number of the ones I used to play when I was much younger, such as Command and Conquer and Red Alert. I really look forward to the release later this year, so that I can start playing the game with the community and then expand on it and make it much, much more awesome.

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