New Job!

Well… I just got myself a very awesome World Building job back in the game development industry, on a potentially very awesome title. It looks like I’ll be putting my UDK project on hold, but that’s a good thing! I’m going to start trying to use the 1080p camera on my phone to start creating a texture reference archive, and I plan to share that with everyone else. Check the Photo and Texture Reference link at the top of the page to see what I have thus far. Bare with me as I figure out how to maximize the quality of my pictures (I really need to take a good photography class). The images aren’t full-rez for a reason (they are still quite large though). They will eat up server space on my FTP very quickly, and will also eat up other resources. At some point I will allow the full-rez versions of the images for download, perhaps on a donation basis, i.e. you guys would give me a donation of any amount, and the download will then become available to you like i did for eHomeRemedies.

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