My UDK project

I’ve been distracting myself lately with an unnamed UDK project. I will be posting work in progress screenshots within this post for inspiration and personal use. It is a project a very talented friend of mine, Alex Yao, started a while back. I haven’t done much with the project thus far, but I have recently had a spark of inspiration and productivity which I am trying to take advantage of.

Here is an orthographic overhead view (in Maya) of some modular road/sidewalk blockout assets I have been experimenting with. Click on the image if you wish to view a much larger (both resolution and size-wise) version of the image.

Come join my livestream and interactive chat as I attempt to create a full video game using various computer programs such as the Unreal Development Kit, Maya, and Photoshop! Ideas? Critiques? …bored? Whatever your reason for watching, remember, everything you see is LIVE. YOU can take part in the game development process. I encourage feedback and interactivity! Cheers!

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  1. Here are a couple updated screenshots of the same set of blockout assets. You can see the collision meshes in the first image (seen in yellow) for each of the assets I have integrated in to my Unreal level.

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