Level Design and Avatar Creation for VRChat (VRChat Inc.)
Personal Project.
March 2017 – Present.

I’ve been working on a fun virtual reality Unity side project for a number of months now (currently 9/5/17). My first VRChat world, Surreal Hazard, is now finally live in game for people to play around in. It’s quite a large world with a number of physics experiments and abstract art scattered throughout. I’ve been using computer software such as Google’s TiltBrush and Blocks (3D modeling in virtual reality), Maya, World Machine, Photoshop, and Unity so far. Desktop users can join the world and take a look around, but to get the full experience you’d ideally own a Virtual Reality headset.

The next images are of my world Space Race: HUB. It’s an unfinished world of mine on the inside of a a hollow mini planet which is hovering just above a much larger planet. The water is very shallow around the hollow planet allowing for players to run around on the water. Players spawn on the outrisde of the planet and must work there way up and into it. I have a mini circular track which lines the interior of the planet for players to race against each other on. My other Space Race worlds are quite large, and the linear progression of the levels combined with the high speed of the player results in racers getting spread out along the length of the race, not really interacting with each other. I do have some small vehicles inside but when I was working on the map the VRChat SDK had broke vehicles so that they are not properly synced across players. So, the race portion of the map has never really been functional. On the interior of the planet I have planted a hollow tree situated at the center of the planet and the track. I plan to revisit the world one day and upgrade it a good amount more. The tree is supposed to be growing out of the top of the planet, but I have yet to do any of the final artwork for that. The world is still very much in a blockout phase. I may make the tree house in both Google Blocks and TiltBrush. I wrapped a very colorful morphing meditative youtube video onto the top parts of the planet so that when standing up there the skin of the planet will slowely change colors and morph to the calm music playing.

Recently (10/23/17) I’ve been playing around with World Machine to make some auto-generated Space Race worlds for VRChat. Previously I was working on a small world concept of sorts, but then dropped those ideas when I realized that smaller avatars did not have smaller player collision. I’m planning on creating, at the very least, an Easy, Medium, and Hard race. My Unity world currently sources unprocessed geometry and textures, the direct exports of World Machine using the Tiled Build export option. Meaning, I can change one or two numbers in my World Machine logic and build/export an entirely new race within minutes because of the procedural nature of World Machine. I will explore further opportunities for game and race mechanics when Vehicles and Playmaker officially come to VRChat. For the time being the races simply tap into the speed and jump mechanics in VRChat.

I just made live (11/13/17) another Space Race world, a simpler one then the last. It’s super easy at the moment, but serves as a space for future game mechanics and activities that I want to try out and add to the world. It is completely enclosed with no abrupt geometry, and no chasms to get stuck in. A simple wheeled vehicle could make the terrain a lot more interesting and fun. I’ve been thinking about adding some seats to a few zero-gravity objects for people to sit on. And then make that object a Pickup object so that other players can then pick up the player attached to it and throw them through the cave using zero gravity, the player and seat ricocheting (hopefully) off the banks of the space dunes at high speeds. If I gave the players some large hitting sticks they could use them like bats and smash the player through the cave with the leverage of their swing.