Mafia Wars 2

I bumped in to one of my buildings while “playing” Mafia Wars 2. I used quotation marks there because, well, I don’t think Mafia Wars 2 can really be called a game. The silly game won’t even allow me to build my own building unless I pay real money *sighs* I insist on continuing to “play” the game though until I can find a way to take screenshots of the buildings I made for the game, if that is even at all possible…

One thought on “Mafia Wars 2

  1. I bumped in to another building that I made. The skyscrapers on the left side are the ones that I modeled and textured. I’m not too sure what happened with the awkward brown coloring and the full-bright windows and doors on the lower half of the asset. I dig the top portion of the building with the randomly lit windows and the blue coloring, but that’s about it. I’m glad I chamfered the top edges of the towers: they picked up a nice highlight in the final renders.

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