Depth & Depth VR

Level Designer on Depth & Depth VR (Digital Confectioners)
Remote, contract work for Digital Confectioners.
January 2015 – Present (3 years 5 months).

I first worked on Depth for almost 2 years (Jan 2015 – October 2016), ever since its release on Steam. I recently started to support Digital Confectioners again (April 2018 – Present).

My initial level work was geared towards bringing the levels to a more polished state through level optimization and blocking volume work. That work lead me to collision work for many of the static meshes across the entire game. Later I found myself making my own multiplayer maps and building the tutorial while I actively supported the maps with fixes. I also assisted with Unreal asset integration as per usual (and all its facets), including the creation of greybox blockout meshes, static mesh fixes, and material creation.

: Extra YouTube Videos :

Multiplayer Level – TEMPLE Gameplay

Multiplayer Level – BREACH Gameplay

Basic Tutorial

: TEMPLE Level Screenshots :

: BREACH Level Screenshots :

: OHM BASE Level Screenshots :

: SNOWFALL Level Screenshots :

I recently (December 2016) worked with Digital Confectioners to get a playable demo of Depth VR ready to show for PAX Australia 2016.

: PAX Australia 2016 :