Depth & Depth VR

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Level Designer on Depth & Depth VR (Digital Confectioners)
Remote, contract work for Digital Confectioners
January 2015 – December 2018

  • Polished / Finalized all 14 multiplayer levels for Depth, resulting in a more optimized and functional game

  • Polished / Finalized many static meshes through 3D modeling, collision meshes, lightmaps, and material creation

  • Designed and constructed 4 multiplayer levels through self-management, enhancing and extending the value and life Depth. Built a tutorial level to expedite the player’s learning and teach game mechanics

  • Assisted with Unreal Asset Integration and Art Outsource Management, filling an important role between the programmers and 3D artists. Communicated level design needs to artists to give direction and start production

  • Addressed issues and feedback mentioned on the Steam forums, played Depth to understand issues further

  • Designed and constructed an underwater Virtual Reality environment for the Depth VR demo, shown at the Penny Arcade Expo, Australia 2016

  • Prototyped a new video game intellectual property for potential further development

: Extra YouTube Videos :

Multiplayer Level – TEMPLE Gameplay

Multiplayer Level – BREACH Gameplay

Basic Tutorial

: TEMPLE Level Screenshots :

: BREACH Level Screenshots :

: OHM BASE Level Screenshots :

: SNOWFALL Level Screenshots :

I recently (December 2016) worked with Digital Confectioners to get a playable demo of Depth VR ready to show for PAX Australia 2016.

: PAX Australia 2016 :