Level Designer on Depth (Digital Confectioners)
Remote, contract work for Digital Confectioners.
January 2015 – October (1 year 10 months).

I have been supporting Depth for about two years now, ever since its release on Steam. My work on Depth has been quite varied and made use of my rounded experience and skillsets. Depth has been a unique project compared to all of my previous projects in that I didn’t start working on the game until after it was released. This offered me the unique opportunity to play the game with the Depth community immediately upon starting work on the project.

My initial level work was geared towards bringing the levels to a more polished state through level optimization and blocking volume work. That work lead me to collision work for many of the static meshes across the entire game. Later I found myself making my own multiplayer maps and building the tutorial while I actively supported the maps with fixes. I found myself assisting in Unreal asset integration as per usual (and all its facets), including the creation of greybox blockout meshes, static mesh fixes, and material creation.

Depth has always had a passionate and dedicated community of players willing to offer their feedback and suggestions, and I was able to learn from and respond to two years of player feedback posted on Depth’s Steam Community forum. Depth has by far been my favorite game to work on to date. I very much enjoy working with Digital Confectioners, a group of guys in New Zealand who care about their game and do their best to actively support it. With over 600,000 copies sold Depth has done quite well for itself, growing and expanding since its release two years ago. In addition to Depth 1 and its continued support, Depth VR and Depth 2 are actively being worked on.

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Multiplayer Level – TEMPLE Gameplay

Multiplayer Level – BREACH Gameplay

Basic Tutorial

: TEMPLE Level Screenshots :

: BREACH Level Screenshots :