End-of-term 1: Architecture work

I just finished up my first studio class in Architecture at Portland State University! Here are my drawings and models of the Agosta house. The house can be found on San Juan Island Washington.

Graphite on vellum

Graphite on mylar

Graphite on paper

Pen and graphite on duralar

Graphite and vine charcoal on paper

Graphite, vine charcoal, colored pencil, and printed images/text on paper

Graphite and colored pencil on paper

Graphite and colored pencil on paper

Pen and pastels on trace

Pastels on trace

Adobe Photoshop

Graphite on mylar

Graphite on mylar

Pen, graphite, colored pencil, and marker on mylar

Pen, marker, and colored pencil on mylar

Pen and colored pencil on mylar


Digital Artist (NIKE)
HERENOW Creative
October 2011 – December 2011 (3 months)

Created NIKE apparel textures in Photoshop based off apparel concepts and photo reference. Apparel textures were then used in conjunction with their corresponding geometry to flesh out the interior of NIKE stores in Cinema 4D for pre-visualization purposes.

“Chip” Character Rig

Technical Artist on “Chip” (Character model and rig)
Personal Project
2006 – 2007

While attending college at the Art Institute of Portland I made a character rig called “Chip”, using Maya. He has been used by students and professionals from all over the world. He has been downloaded over 30,000 times from creativecrash.com (formally highend3d.com). At SIGGRAPH 2007 he was one of the few characters chosen to be animated in its popular FJORG! animation competition. Seen below are just a few examples of Chip in action.

Click here to download the latest version of Chip, for Maya 7.0 and above.

More Photo Ref pics

I finally got around to adding a couple new pictures to my Photo / Texture Reference page. I added a couple cloud pictures taken from a plane during my flight from Boston back to Portland. I really need to pick up the pace on this photo/texture ref archive. It’s been very slow-going.


…after getting some motivation after uploading the cloud pics I took a couple hundred new pics in the industrial district in Portland OR. There are a handful of corrugated metal facade pictures and a couple cement wall pics.

More Drawings

Here’s a little Photoshop combo of a self portrait I drew last term for my second drawing class at PSU (3B graphite pencil), and a couple character concepts I drew last night in an attempt to see if I could actually concept characters. I haven’t tried to draw an imaginary character straight from my head for about six years or so. I’m quite pleased with my doodles considering I NEVER do that sort of thing. I gave the image a bit of an auto-contrast Photoshop adjustment due to my horribly ugly and dark smart phone pics.


An interview with Anders

A couple days ago Brian Riggsbee, a game developer and Left 4 Dead 2 mapper, interviewed me about The Final Cut and my game development history. He did a fantastic job with the blog post of the interview on his website (images included!)

I am having an issue posting the link to the interview here, but you can find it by clicking on the Profile button at the top of the page, and by selecting “Interview with Anders” at the bottom of the scroll-down menu which appears.

Drawing Class at Portland State University

At the beginning of 2013 I started taking a basic drawing class at Portland State University as a way to rediscover my long forgotten drawing ability. It has been very enjoyable these last two months as it has been helping me a lot when trying to put down and communicate an idea in my sketchbook. As a part of my level design process I do what I can to envision the map I am trying to create before jumping in to Unreal III, and a lot of that process tends to end up in my sketchbook. I don’t always have the concepting support that I would like to have when beginning a new map or level for Forge, so it is a necessity that I do what I can to design and concept out enough of the world for which I am about to make.